Three Common Mistakes Home Sellers Make

These errors can greatly impact your chance to sell your home

Sometimes homeowners can be their own worst enemy when it comes time to sell their house. Here are 3 common mistakes homeowners make that can hurt their chances of attracting a potential buyer.

1.Seller won't leave the house during showings
There are few things more awkward than having the owner hanging around while people are looking at the home. This keeps the prospective buyer feeling like they can't freely assess the property and that there may be parts of the house that are off-limits. The last thing any seller wants is for that buyer to feel uncomfortable in the home and have them picturing the seller living there rather than imagining what it would be like to make it their own.

2. Danger signs around the home
One example of this "sale-killer" is leaving empty beer and liquor bottles visible in the house. This gives the impression that this has been a party house and there may be hidden damage or ill use that will raise future concerns. Another no-no is excessive burglar bars, deadbolt locks and other scary-looking security devises. No matter what is said about the neighborhood, all that the buyer will be able to think about is this strong visual imprinting a sense of insecurity in their imagination.

3. Too much "fixer-upper" and not enough dream home
There is a fine balance between a home that a buyer thinks they can get a good deal on because they will add in their own touches and a money pit that will be overwhelming to deal with on top of a move. Worn carpet, dated decor and gaudy paint all lend the feeling that the home has not been looked after and there may be deeper problems lurking. As well, having unrepaired issues that have been poorly concealed shows a lack of care. Sweeping a floor defect under a rug or painting over ceiling stains are two such "tells".

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